PearlStud cover shot


We thought you might like to know why we started Pearl & Stud and what we get up to bringing the collection to life

Izzy and I started Pearl and Stud after realising there was a gap in the market for high quality yet affordable contemporary wedding and party shoes. Everything we found was either fuddy or very expensive.

Izzy had got married a year earlier, yet despite being an expert shoe designer ( she designed Hudson's iconic and much copied Horrigan strap boots) found it very difficult to find something she liked that would work at her country field wedding but didn’t cost a fortune. I meanwhile ( after almost 20 years designing for all kinds of brands such as Paul Smith, Karen Millen and John Lewis) had been working with a fantastic small family run factory in Thailand. Unusually for the shoe business the factory was run by a woman, Srinya, which in a traditionally male dominated industry was a lovely change.

When I have worked with women-run factories and teams I find they are calmer, very well organised and straight foward as the creative craziness of shoemaking can often spill into hot headed bosses who take things terribly personally if you point out the smallest of errors or suggest a new approach to try.

So, we set about creating our first small collection of wedding and party shoes. Wedding shoes present a particular challenge as shoe factories tend to be fairly dusty and dirty places, working with white satin requires hard to come by skills, so we knew the factory would be able to cope with our exacting requests. 


We wanted the collection to be comfortable and easy to wear, so experimented with different lasts and heels testing them all out for fit and under-foot comfort. We mostly chose blocky heels as they are easier to walk in and used a hidden platform on our best selling Soto style so that they give you height, but only feel like mid heels. 

We sat in Izzy's kitchen experimenting with designs, folding pieces of paper into concertinas to be replicated in satin for our Chelsea style, and drew stars of different sizes onto bits of fabric to create our Newington Sandal. We are constantly researching and sketching for new ideas, travelling to Milan for the big leather and materials fair and looking through our extensive archive of vintage shoes for snippets of inspiration that we both individually have built up after so many years in the business.

Hopefully you like the results so far.